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New Homes

We'll put an amazing home on your land that works with the land in all ways, regardless of location. Whether you want something traditional or completely unusual, the sky is the limit.

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Maybe you love your existing home and just want improvements; maybe you can't stand anything about it but love its location. Either way, we'll turn it into the place you're proud to call home.

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The Ever-Broad Other

I wouldn't be me if I didn't also love designing other stuff! That could include multi-family housing, cabanas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, playhouses, furniture, sculptures, etc.

Together, we're going to get you into the

home of your dreams.

When we're done, it will just be your new normal to live there, where your dreams have become your waking life.

Whether you want to live semi-reclusively in the beauty of your surroundings

or be the hostess with the mostest, one weekend hosting the party of the century for your teenage daughter and all her friends

and the next a huge surprise birthday party for the boss,

your home will work for the way you live.

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The Process...Generally Speaking

As with many of my designs, this process can be fluid and dynamic. But here is a general guide to how it will feel to work with me.

To get started, contact me! We'll meet, either in person or over the internet. Once I have a basic understanding of your needs, I'll create a proposal, which can serve as the contract for your project.

Typically, I work from a fixed fee contract in which the fee is broken into at least three payments: the first due at the start of the project, the second due at the end of the Design Development Phase, and the final payment due upon delivery of the Construction Documents.

If the project is a remodel, the first step will be to photograph, measure, and draw the existing house. Then, the Schematic Design process proceeds as it would with a new house: I'll arrange the spaces and masses of the house, sometimes only in sketch form, then adjust the Schematic Design based on your feedback.

Once that Schematic Design has been approved, we'll move on to the Design Development Phase, during which I'll refine the design based on the feedback I receive from you. At the end of this phase, floor plans and elevations will be in drafted form.

After the Design Development drawings have been approved, I'll produce the dimensioned annotated detailed drawings needed to construct the house.

Truly, I'll be as involved as little or as much as you want me to be once construction begins til the end of the project. For example, I can do site visits during construction, at your request. There might be additional travel and time charges associated with this kind of extra attention, but that might be worth it to you if it makes you feel that much more comfortable.

I see every client as a collaborator with me in the process. The more communicative the client, the more I am able to capture the essence of the client in her space, creating a unique home that supports her and her lifestyle and expresses who she is.

So Let's Start Talking!