A home that fits your approach to life...


If you prefer a more traditionally-styled home, whether it's Craftsman, Modern, or mountain lodge, this end of the spectrum might be for you.

Whether you're looking for a new home or improvements to your current home, the design can fit seamlessly into your location as if it had been that way all along. And my idea of conventional never means boring...the resulting design will always feel like you and work for the way you live.


Do you like geodesic domes? Does the idea of building a home from shipping containers and other “found objects” inspire you? Would living in a treehouse bring out your inner child? Would an underground home relax you? Are you into Tiny Homes? Do you dream of a home on wheels? Would a home on a barge float your boat?

If you gravitate toward the Organic Architecture of Bruce Goff, Bart Prince, or Robert Harvey Oshatz (just to name a very few), this is your sweet spot.

Downright Radical

Do the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing get you excited? Do you get warm fuzzies when you dream of the sensuous forms attainable using Superadobe?

This is for you if you're open to a world of possibilities and looking for something completely unique. Not only do I not shy away from the radical (some might even say the bizarre!), but I embrace and celebrate it. Sometimes the most amazing results (in homes and in life) come from throwing caution to the wind.

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By losing myself in the design process,

you find yourself living the reality of your dreams.


Caroline Leyburn Designs is a service-oriented residential Architectural firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, serving Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, and the mountains of North Carolina. Through the magic of the internet, I can also design for most locations worldwide. I am committed to bringing a sophisticated and unique aesthetic to every custom home, whether it be wilderness, urban, or anything in between.

Typical project types include, but are most definitely not limited to: home remodels, urban and suburban homes, live/work dwellings, mountain homes, organic architecture homes, off-the-grid homes, and more.

House Sketch with Circle-08